Welcome to Rolling Tones!

   Rolling Tones is a Trondheim based choir with a team of twenty-

   something male and female singers.

   The choir is member of the Norwegian Choir Association (Norges


   In 2015, Rolling Tones celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

   Rolling Tones`s singers are lead by conductor Vibeke Ulstad Akersveen,

   and practises every Monday night at Dalgård School(7-9-30 pm).

   Our song choices range from classical music to contemporary

   style, with anything in between.
   This melting pot of musical pieces makes us fit in just as well

   at Hurtigruta as at church, and other concert venues. 

   Our annual Christmas concert, DesemberLys, is this year

   held at Byåsen Church the 6th of December.
   This Christmas concert, which we dare to claim being the city´s

   most inpredictable of such kind, has become a cherised pre

   Christmas activity for our loyal audience.

   Our vision is to create great moments,
   To share musical fun; and, most importantly:
   To share our love for singing!

   If you have any queries, do not hesitate to convo us.